Access documents from Doleedo

Access your documents in Google Drive from Doleedo

We have just finished a major improvement to Doleedo. We had received plenty of feedback from our customers about the need to attach documents to different items in Doleedo. This was clearly something which needed to be improved, and our first step on our document track is the file share integration with Google Drive.

This means that if you use Google in your operations, you will now have the possibility to access documents located in Google Drive from customer, opportunity, contract and project objects in Doleedo. You can add a separate Google Drive folder to each existing items.

The plan is to continue on this track in the future, and for instance to introduce new objects such as expenses and travels under the file share support. 

How to do this in practise?

At the moment Organization, Opportunity, Contract or Projects are supported so documents can be accessed only from those entities.

The preliminary requirements 

- You have access to Google Drive

- You also need to have permissions to the settings of the Doleedo entity you want to activate the access to the Google Drive files

Follow these steps to access Google Drive files: 

1. Open any Organization, Opportunity, Contract or Project in the system.

2. Navigate to the Settings tab.

3. In the Settings you can find a new option called File Sharing.

4. You have two alternatives: 1) Click on the search button with the magnifying glass icon next to the name of the field 2) Alternatively you can copy the Google Drive folder id in Google Drive and paste it to the "Google Drive Folder ID" field. In case you go with number 2) you can jump directly to step 7) 

5. When you click the search button, a new "Select a file" window opens. (Notice: If you are logged into several Google accounts simultaneously, you need to select wished account before you get to this step.) 

6. In there select the Google Drive folder which contents you want to show on the Doleedo object, and click on Select.

7. Click on Save on the Doleedo entity.

8. After you have done so, a new tab called Files appears on the entity.

9. There you can find the files and folders which are inside the folder you selected.

10. When you click on the file, the preview opens in a new tab, and if you select a folder instead, that folder opens in Google Drive in a new browser tab.

Now you are good to go. Enjoy!

P.S. In case you cannot see someone elses files on the Doleedo entity, you might not have permissions to view them and you need to request the owner of the Google Drive folder to give you the permissions to do so in Google Drive.





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