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"Why a Blog?"

Hi you!

This is Doleeblog, one of our Doleedo communication channels.

This blog has a few intentions: first of all we want to be extermely transparent and as useful as possible towards you, our reader. The development and improvement of Doleedo is a constant process, and it is vital for Your experience that we keep you updated of new development and fixes which we do.

Secondly, this forum acts as a light training platform: you will have a quick way to read tips of how new functionalities work before you go to test them yourself.

Since we aim at growing the Doleedo business further, thirdly, we also share information to those potential new customers who are interested of seeing that the application is constantly developping, and what type of things comes out of the oven.

Lastly, we also want to share our general thoughts of changes in the market, and similar topics which we believe could be useful to you.

I wish you enjoy our posts, and find them useful. Please leave your comments or contact us separately via the Contact Us form on the bottom of our website. Welcome on board!

On behalf of the Doleedo team,
Doleedo Product Manager

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