Strong Customer Authentication in the EEA Payments

How are Doleedo customers affected?

The new European Union Payment Services Directive 2 came into full effect on September 14 2019. It means Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is required for many online payments in the European Economic Area (EEA). The motivation of this change is to help protect customers by preventing fraud. In case of online card payments (the case of Doleedo) the requirement of SCA is met when both the business and cardholder’s bank are located within EEA. In practice it means that once in a while banks might request additional authorization when making online payments.  

We worked with this change together with our payment gateway provider Stripe, and made necessary changes to the payment management during the summer. As end result, we are compliant with the strong customer authentication. In the case of Doleedo payments, if a bank would require strong customer authentication, Stripe will send an email to your administrator asking him/her to confirm the payment. By clicking the "Confirm payment" button in the email, the person will get to confirm the payment using 3D Secure.





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