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Sign in and login to Doleedo with your Google account

We have our first Google integration available for you. We wanted to give our users more flexibility, so besides signing up and logging in to Doleedo using your email and password, you now have the option to do so with your Google account. 


In practise this means that if your company is using Google you can access Doleedo by just clicking on the Google Login button on the Doleedo login page.

You can read below how to get started.

Signing Up with Google Account

To be able to register using Google accounts requires that the self-registration setting of your company is enabled. This and the following settings can be made by an Administrator user.


Companies who already have self-registration enabled

If your company uses Google accounts, self-registration is already enabled (Settings > General, and then Registration tab > Enable Self Registration), and a) you operate without email domain restrictions or b) the Google email domain is set in Allowed Email Domains, no parametrization is required. The registration process works then in a similar way with Google than with email and password. 


Companies who don't yet have self-registration enabled

If your company is using Google accounts, and you would like to enable registration using Google, follow these steps to take it into use:
- First enable self-registration in the registration settings of your Doleedo (Settings > General, and then Registration tab > Enable Self Registration)
- Then on the same page give a validity until when the self-registration link is valid ("Valid until").
- Now, if your company doesn't restrict with which email domains their users sign up to Doleedo then you can leave Force Email Domain unchecked, and save the form.
- If this option is not set, when users sign up to Doleedo using their Google account, these users are created with disabled status. An Administrator user needs to activate them in the user management page before they are able to login for the first time.
- On the other hand if your company uses only (a) certain email domain(s), and you don't want anyone to register to your Doleedo using whichever email domain, check the Force Email Domain option.
- Then add the allowed email domain(s) in Allowed Email Domains setting before saving.
- When these preparations are done, you can copy the registration link from the Register URL field, send it to your employees and they can start to sign up to Doleedo with their Google account.

Google Login

When the Doleedo administrator has made the necessary configurations, you can login with the allowed Google account.
- If you have a Doleedo account but you have never logged in with your Google account, click on the "Login with Google" button on the login page of Doleedo.
- You will need to select to which google account your Doleedo account will be connected.
- Select that email, give the its password when requested, and after doing so you will be automatically redirected to Doleedo.
- After the first login, you won't be asked this again. Instead you can login by just clicking on the Login with Google button.

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