Release Highlights 2018/07 - Trainings, Certificates, Vacations and much more!

"The First One"

This is our first public Doleedo release highlight blog post. The idea of these posts is to tell you a bit about what we have got ready and released during the last few weeks. Our philosophy is to be transparent, and to share as clearly as possible how you you can benefit of each of these messages in your work.

In these first posts I'll dive back a bit longer, and I'll share some details what we developped during the second half of last year. I'll start with the month of July 2018. 


Streamlining Announcements

  • Removed To and To List fields
  • Added checkbox to automatically send an email to the All email address when creating/editing an announcement.
  • Added confirmation pop-up if Send email is enabled
  • Redirect the user to the announcements page after creating/editing an announcement
  • Add a list of all people notified when choosing the option "Send Email" on publishing

Improve Trainings Process

  • We added a separate permission for creating trainings
  • At the same time, we removed the Certification Training concept as redundant, and unified it with the Training concept
  • Removed hardcoded project tasks at Training page
  • Fix sessions fields (add/removal)
  • Remove on_CV field
  • Training is also now created using the user's timezone, and automatically converted to other user's timezone
  • Add a list of all people notified when choosing the option "Published" on publishing

Certifications and Certificates

  • Moved Trainings and Certifications menu under Learning & Development
  • Unified Certifications and Certificates under the same page, now accessible through Human Capital > Learning & Development > Certifications
  • Removed Pillar and Technology fields from Certifications as too specific details.
  • Added Skill field to Certifications
  • Removed Certification Trainings
    • Everything is merged into Trainings
    • A Certification can have multiple Trainings associated
  • Removed Certificate file from Certificates

Technologies was broadened to Skills

  • Technologies was renamed to Skills
  • Fixed permissions to access the Skills page
  • Changed URLs:
    • /technology -> /skills
    • /tec-categories -> /skill-categories
  • Removed the possibility of a user to edit its own skill level directly in the skill page. Instead user can modify skils on the user’s profile page
  • Removed table non-working pagination, search and export buttons

User CV

  • Review of CV related fields from user profile. Changes related with trainings and certifications were mentioned above

Money Widget

  • Added new currency widget to Travels and User Page (costs fields)
  • This widget will be used for all currency fields


  • As an Office Manager or Administrator, go to a Travel to see the new widget in the trip cost fields


  • Reworked UI of Evaluation page


  • Send email automatically once the Travel is Ready to Book
  • Allow to resend the email through a button in the Travel
  • Add a comment every-time the email is sent
  • Send an email every-time someone adds a comment, notifying the corresponding user


  • Make holidays be inherited from parent company units if Inherit Holidays is set in the company unit settings
  • List all holidays for a company unit including the inherited holidays
  • Show inherited holidays in the calendar


  • Changed from Year to a specific Period for vacations
    • instead of having vacations associated to a civil year, they are now associated to a specific period
  • Vacation period end date can be specified when creating a new user and changed in its profile, as long as the user doesn't request vacations. As soon as it requests vacations, the field is hidden to guarantee that no data inconsistency is created
  • For self-registration, the default end date for the vacation period is 31st December of the current year, which can be changed in the user profile before vacations being requested
  • Change every reference to Vacation Year to the new Vacation Period System (front-end)
  • Create automated process to renew vacation periods close to finish
  • Update vacation request calendar to support multiple vacation periods


There is now an automated process that runs every day to check if there are vacation periods finished and renews them automatically. It creates a new vacation period for the user with the specified vacation days of the company unit. If the user has pending vacations (pending approval), the new vacation period will be created but it won't be activated until those pending vacations are accepted or declined. Leftover days of the current vacation period are added to the new one.

The vacation request calendar was updated to support multiple vacation periods. If in the displayed month one period ends a new one starts, you'll have 2 rows of information on the top displaying the 2 vacation periods. You can request vacations seamlessly in the 2 periods and everything will be updated correctly.

Data tables UI rework

  • Changed general layout of old datatables to look like more the new table from user management
  • Moved filters to drop-downs instead of buttons
  • This new style was applied to all data tables and lists


  • The account and email fields were removed
  • Account is now generated automatically from the name, so you can still use it in the URL
  • Group name can now be changed
  • If the name is changed, so is the account, meaning that the URL will change
  • Added validations to avoid repeating group names and accounts

Email Settings

  • Removed redundant and obsolete System Administrator, Support and Helpdesk email fields
  • Removed "All" email address. Instead, we now calculate a list of emails from all users which are with active status when required
  • Changed Administrator, HCM and Office Managers from email listings to groups. Then send notifications to everyone in those groups when necessary.
  • Admin group is being created by default for new tenants


  • Apply the "Start of the Week" and "Work Days" settings (from the Company Unit) in the calendars
  • Design and performance improvements
  • Mobile improvements

Main Menu

  • Project Management menu was reviewed, and we made some clarifications.
    • "Project Management" top level item was changed to "Projects"
    • "Projects" sub-menu item was renamed to "Project List"
    • "Allocation > Map" was renamed to "Allocation > People"
    • "Allocation > Pipeline" was renamed to "Allocation > Project"
    • We also added a new entry "My Timesheets" which allows you to enter your own timesheets.

Show your language skills!

  • There is now a wide list of available languages which can be added to user’s profile, instead of a very restricted list. Now you can get it on… ja osoittaa vaikkapa suomenkielentaitosi työkavereillesi!


  • Add Project form was reviewed, and changed to use the Doleedo design.
  • Also, Company Unit field was included on the Add Project form, so a project can be associated to a Company Unit. You can decide if you want to use this field or leave it be.

Currency Rates provider changed

  • We changed the service we use to fetch currency rates to This has no impact in user experience.




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