On The Roadmap - Take better control of your Sales Pipeline and Project Portfolio

New features coming in Q4/2019

For managers in service organizations, it is fundamental to be able to track the overall status of sales pipeline or project portfolios, or both.

Your sales team needs to understand where they are and how much is missing from the sales goal. It is easier to make decisions on necessary actions if you have the visibility on the total value of your sales pipeline, the sales forecast, how much has been sold, and what is the total profit and margin for a certain period of time. 

On the other hand you professional services and the general management are interested of the total value of the project portfolio to understand the current and estimated values of projects, their costs, and the total profit of the porfolio(s).  

Until now Doleedo users haven't had tools to see these overall figures, or it has been complicated to dig the data and report all the information. To tackle this issue we have started to work on improving reporting of both our sales and project portfolios, and we will gradually publish the new features during Q4/2019. This development will give better tools for users looking sales or projects from a bird's eye view.

We will create dashboards for both sales and projects with diverse filtering options. The sales dashboard will show the overall value of the sales pipeline, forecast based on the value and probability of each opportunity, margin and profit. Users can for example filter shown information by company unit, time period and account executive (the user responsible of a certain opportunity or contract). Additionally, a visual sales funnel chart allows user to drill down to the list of opportunities with a certain status. 

The project portfolio dashboard will include for instance the total value of sold projects, internal budget of projects, and original and estimated effort, cost, and profit. Besides aggregated figures, individual projects are shown in a table view. Users can filter this information at least by company unit, organization (customer), and project manager.

I will keep you posted. In the meanwhile I would be happy to hear your comments on this. You can send them to me directly at olli.kallio@doleedo.com or post them on our social media channels in Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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