Release Highlights 2019/05-06

Sprints 8 and 9

Welcome back!

During the sprints in May and June, we were working with...

Ava - The Mighty Guide

Let me introduce to Ava. Ava is the newest recruit of our team. She is your guide in the application. 

Ava is always ready to help and share her wisdom with you. It is worth mentioning that she is also somewhat insistent. On the first time an administrator logs in to Doleedo, Ava will make sure that the user runs the system setting process so that it will be easier to start to use the application.

After the initial parameterization she will be available on the top right corner of the application when user is on the General settings page. She is ready to give specific instructions regarding the settings tab where user is at each moment. 

Currently Ava is available in the General settings page of Doleedo, but the idea is that in the future she will take a broader role, and help users regardless of the page.

Doleeboard - Collaboration Tool

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